Heallist is a digital software company created to empower healers everywhere with the tools they need to manage their practice. From online booking and payments, to professional looking pages and telehealing capabilities, Heallist has everything wellness practitioners need to make their wellbeing accessible to more people. Launching Spring 2023.


WELL TECH NEXT is an online community of digital professionals, entrepreneurs and investors driving the WellTech industry. Created by Yuli Ziv in 2021, its mission is to CONNECT innovators in this emerging space, PROMOTE the latest ventures and EDUCATE on emerging trends. The group hosts online discussions, panels and webinars that push innovation. If you are passionate about using the latest technology breakthroughs to improve our lives, join this fast growing global community.


ULTIMA is a minimalist clothing brand. As a mission driven DTC ecommerce business, ULTIMA is positioned to promote ethical manufacturing and conscious consumption. Its first product is a patent pending convertible jacket dress is made to serve the needs of a modern woman. With efficiency as its top priority, ULTIMA is truly multifunctional, including easily detachable sleeves, stored hoodie and 3 various dress lengths, all interchangeable on-the-go via built-in, hidden zippers. It’s the only dress you’ll ever need.

Style Coalition (acquired by Launchmetrics in 2017)

Style Coalition was one of the first influencer marketing platforms. Founded by Yuli Ziv in 2008, it helped brands understand the impact of influencers, measure and analyze their performance. Style Coalition has built one of the largest mega influencers networks, reaching more than 400m audience and managed innovative campaigns for the world’s most renowned brands, including L’Oreal, LVMH, eBay, HP, Microsoft and more. In October 2017 Style Coalition was quired by Launchmetrics, a global SaaS platform and data analytics provider for the Fashion, Beauty & Luxury industries.

New York Fashion Week Influencer Lounge

As the creator of the official #NYFW hashtag back in 2011, Yuli Ziv pioneered the Influencer Lounge concept at New York Fashion week back in 2012. Celebrating the intersection of fashion and technology, the lounge hosted some of the top world social media influencers and partnered up with leading brands including P&G, Covergirl, HP, Microsoft and others.

Fashion 2.0 Awards

Created by Yuli Ziv in 2010, the Fashion 2.0 Awards were the first industry-recognized distinction honoring the most innovative fashion brands for their outstanding achievements and communication strategies across a variety of digital media channels and technologies.Hosted for 6 years (2010-2015), the award ceremonies in NYC drew an incredible crowd of celebrities, industry leaders and innovators.

FASHION 2.0 Community & Event series

Founded in 2006 in NYC, Fashion 2.0 Meetup was the first and largest fashion tech community, counting more than 4,000 industry innovators. Over the course of a decade it hosted 100+ panels and networking events, ranging from Startup Demos with leading VCs to fireside chats with industry leaders. Hosted and run by the founder Yuli Ziv, the event series was a major driver in the fast growing fashion tech ecosystem.