This is another post in my Startup Lessons series, where I share a (very) personal insight on not only running my company but on “running” my own life – setting goals and achieving them. I found that one of the hardest things about running your own venture is decision making. There is no boss/parent/superior who tells you what’s right and what’s wrong at any given moment. Of course you might have investors, advisors, clients or users whose opinion should be considered, but at the end of the day you are the driving force behind your business.

You might have a 5 year plan based on yours or others’ previous experiences and try to execute precisely based on that plan, but we all know that big success requires flexibility, out of the box thinking and most importantly risk taking. Risk taking might not be part of that 5 year plan. Risk taking is usually a spontaneous decision made as a response to newly created conditions or situation. It holds rewards, but sometimes requires putting everything you’ve done on the table.

When you face a moment like this, after weighing in other opinions, using logic, powering the intellect and expertise the only thing you can do is rely on your own intuition. In addition, you can look for the positive external signs. When you are on the right path, fulfilling your destiny and doing what you really love, things will usually start coming together almost on their own. This doesn’t mean they will come easily, but after a certain amount of effort you will start seeing positive signs of a progress.

During my entrepreneurial career in the past few years I experienced it multiple times, and each time I got positive signs that kept me going in the chosen direction. Whether it was an unexpected press feature, sudden revenue or simply a thankful feedback from someone – these affirmations guided me on the risky path.

The signs helped me at the moments when I wanted to quit (and there were several). At those moments I waited for the positive signs so I could restore my beliefs and keep going. This tactic always worked, and usually the signs showed even bigger. I also learned to let go when positive signs didn’t show. I just stopped pushing at that certain direction and surely enough a new path or new solution usually opened up right after.

Those signs are like the road signs that guide a driver behind the wheel to make sure the journey is going in the right direction. Knowing there is a “slippery road” or “rest area” ahead allows you to navigate properly on this journey. Just as the road signs, these signs are mostly located on the side of the road, so the best thing you can do is be alert and pay attention.

Next time you plan a risky move see how the universe reacts first to your decision – are things starting to come together or do you experience resistance? If so, most chances there is a better thing waiting for you. One thing is sure – if you start seeing positive signs and affirmations, go full force and never look back.

As always, you are welcome to share your comments, experiences (and signs) via comments or tweets @yuliz.