Data, stats and conversions are coming up more and more often in my daily business conversations. The more I talk about it with people, the more I realize how little knowledge we have about the effects of the web not only on our business, but our lives in general. We learned to measureĀ  views, likes, clicks, purchases, shares and likes but still have no idea about how to measure the effect that our online actions make on other people.

This morning I looked at my Pinterest homepage and realized a big portion of it was filled with beautifully designed inspirational quotes, ranging from “I Hope You Feel Beautiful Today” to “Try Something New Today”. They made me wonder: how many of the people repining it will really feel beautiful or will, in fact, try something new today… We share these statements so easily online, creating an illusion for ourselves that we actually do follow the advice. There is no data on how sites like Pinterest and social media really affect our lives. Does it motivate and makes us better human beings? Or perhaps turns us into lazy jealous bunch, repining unattainable objects and other people’s dreams?

This is the reason I believe the next few years will be all about data, and coming up with more sophisticated tools measuring it. We will learn to gather valuable data not only on the immediate conversion such as comment/like/click/purchase, but the way content and messages affect our lives as a whole.

Right now our set of online emotional responses is limited pretty much to likes, repins and emoticons. There is something about the simplicity of these responses that works in the online world, however as our online interactions become more complicated and mimic the real life, there will be new tools for more sophisticated responses. Since technology is always connected to data, we will be able to measure and get stats on a whole new range of responses. This of course will be a tremendous help for marketers who will be able to focus their efforts more efficiently, and the geek inside me can’t help but get excited about this new set of tools that is about to come..


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