I’ve been playing with an idea to write a book for a while now, since I’ve been getting great responses to my posts here and on Mashable, not to mention countless emails asking for advice on anything from entrepreneurship to how to turn blogging into business. As much as I love receiving those, they are time consuming to answer, and can’t be as comprehensive as a full guide.

Finally one day in December I woke up with a clear vision and a plan: series of guide books for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, titled Fashion 2.0. Each guide will be focusing on a different area of the fashion business online – blogging, social media, e-commerce, financing, entrepreneurship – and offers practical and up-to-date advice on how to successfully build your fashion dreams online – whether you are a blogger, designer or developer.

In the spirit of new era, I decided not to go the “traditional” publishing route, but will be self-publishing them using one of the online platforms. This way I will have full control over the project and can get the books out much faster. The plan is to release the first guide by mid May 2011 – my 35th birthday, and this weekend I already finished outlining the chapters, writing intros and bullet points for each, which makes me very energized for the rest!

A side note to all of you who ever thought about writing a book – the reason I was able to finally move forward with this big and demanding project, is because I decided to divide it in my mind into few small pieces and build realistic timeline – i.e. about 3-4 months of work, 30,000 words, 125 pages, about 1 page per day, which sounded realistic considering I blog on a daily basis anyway. Suddenly fitting a book into my busy life didn’t look so impossible. Another realization helped me make my mind was the fact I didn’t need to depend on a publishing house to make my books a reality. It’s amazing to see how new tools democratize the publishing world and allow us to be in charge of our own dreams.

So I’m off to the races and couldn’t be more excited! Will keep you posted on the progress, meanwhile enjoy occasional thoughts here on the blog, as I will be saving deeper insight for the books. Thanks again for your support in the past year, which allowed me to define my path in a clearer way. Cheers to the most fulfilling 2011 for all of us!