Dear bright brains who drive the fashion startup community,

Please stop coding for a moment and ask yourself why? Why are you adding another sharing feature to the “highly curated set of most repined looks by street style taste makers with above average Klout score?”

My answer to you is: We don’t need this. We don’t need a “new way” to browse thousands of spring dresses in every possible price range. We don’t need a one-click option to spam our entire community with a photo of a product we love, but will never buy. We don’t need a better filing system to help organize our virtual closet.

This has nothing to do with defining our personal style, finding perfectly fitted clothes or feeling better about ourselves. It has to do with wasting our time on purposeless browsing and tagging that creates voids in our mind, because we constantly focus on things we can’t have in real life, yet they look so attainable on our mobile phones.

I’m sure one day, 20 years from now, we will look back at ourselves and our useless apps and feel sorry for misunderstanding the true meaning of technology. The fact is it was originally developed to enhance our quality of life- automobiles made us into fast moving super-humans. And computers allowed us to store more memory than our brain could possibly handle. That was true progress.

Does your fashion app make me a super-human? Probably not. Most likely it makes me feel like a self-conscious loser who can’t even properly fit into the clothes I can’t afford anyway.

And just because you can develop it in three months in a trendy startup incubator run by rich people, it doesn’t mean it should exist. What happened to the whole concept of identifying a “problem” and solving it? What happened to the idea of asking yourself “How can I bring more value to every person who is consuming fashion?”

“Curating” products isn’t solving any problem; it’s just a new, better sounding word for “promoting”. Solving a problem would be helping businesses operate more efficiently, making people feel better about themselves, helping them to evaluate fashion investments, and assisting people in managing their life overall.

Can your app do that?..