Yesterday, Silicon Alley Insider unveiled its top 100 “entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and technologists who made waves in the New York community this year.”

SA100 is a great list of influencers, many of them I happen to meet during the past year at the various tech events as inspirational speakers, expert panelists and community leaders.

No women made it to the top 10 this year, downgrade since last year, when Esther Dyson made her #9. This year only 14 women made it to the Top 100 (or actually 108, including co-founders).
While it’s a growth from the 2007 list, which included only 10 women total, it’s still a shocking number considering we live in the most democratic country in the world, in the most progressive city in the world and the year is 2008.

Don’t expect from me a long rant about how men rule the Universe, especially our Silicon Alley. Of course men still outnumber us, but not by almost 90%!! Instead, I would like to blame us, dear girls in tech, simply for not nominating and voting for every single influential woman in the tech world.

Additionally, did you know that you could nominate yourself? Yes, it’s a novice idea for us, introverted creatures. We aren’t used to run and shout loud about our achievements. While we should.

Here is a proposal – let’s make the 2009 a year of women in technology, and work together to make the SA100 maybe not 50%, but at least 30% female. How is that for a goal?