I’m often approached via email by fellow bloggers and readers in general who ask for advice, which I usually love to offer. Recently I thought it would be useful to publish some of it, without uncovering the person behind the email, of course. Hopefully this new column will be useful to others, and feel free to reach out with your blogging/ social media/ entrepreneurship questions. I can’t promise to answer all, but will pick a few to publish here once in a while. The following questions came from a blogger M. who has a great fashion news blog, and she asked for help to decide on its future direction.

Dilemma #1: I have read a lot of opinions on blogging for a living and I am worried that my blog doesn’t have that “focus” that other blogs have. I know I can rely on “The Cut” for witty opinions on the fashion world. I know I can rely on Style Bubble for exposing the designers/fashion that I otherwise would never have heard of. I look at my blog and I wonder if I really have anything that people would “go to” if they needed something.

Dilemma #2: I am wearing myself out. I blog all day, trying to keep up with the 6-7 posts I decided to post daily. And I don’t make enough money from it to make a living.

My answer: First – kudos for raising these important questions, I think you are on the right path to building something unique. I also think these days with the content overload more than ever it’s important for a blog to have a very narrow niche in order to keep readers coming back. How to find one? Few ways:

1. Look what most interests you out of all the stories, and pick ONE direction, don’t get distracted by fashion news (tweet them instead, don’t post on your blog). Cherish your blog like it’s your own look – would you wear every possible trend at once? Probably not…

2. Look at your personal background and find out what’s your unique expertise. Example: If you had an experience working at a vintage store, you probably know a lot about it. Vintage is a huge part of today’s fashion, as there is no more trends, only a personal style. How about analyzing today’s fashion from the vintage point of view, or deciding if something has a potential to last decades and become vintage… you got the point – even in the vintage niche there are various subjects you could potentially focus on.

3. Research other blogs on these subjects and see what’s missing. It’s never too late to re-brand, the good thing about blogging is you have no boss and no rules – you can do anything your heart tells you – a luxury you should use.

Regarding question #2 -focus on quality, not quantity. For example, my social media blog is updated only once a week and sometimes even less, it gives each post enough time and visibility to create a real discussion among my readers. My rule says if writing this piece doesn’t make me shaking and excited – simply don’t. This is the only way for me to enjoy and keep my passion. Of course it’s different on my fashion blog, where I write more, but I learned not to stress out about frequency of posting there too. Remember great editors are all about selectivity, so appreciate your real estate (blog) more than the stress to be a 24/7 news channel (because you are not).

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