Many people (including myself on this blog) are talking about the fashion industry being slow to adapt new technologies. While I’m at no point trying to portray a negative image, but rather help and educate, sometimes the things I see make me wonder how some fashion companies and organizations manage to stay in their own bubble, while the outside world is changing so dramatically.

Just yesterday I blogged about the new DROID phone by Motorola, which is about to change the way we shop thanks to its built-in barcode scanner feature.  Once you scanned the barcode, all the product info in the world is in your fingertips. From where to buy (including both online and local stores with direct number to call) to price comparison – the technology is there to make sure you get what you want, for the best price, at the most convenient location.

Today I’m reading at WWD (link via SheFinds) about this latest “innovation” from the W Magazine published by Conde Nast:

“The [magazine] issue will be 100 percent “shop-able,” which means every item shown in editorial and advertising is for sale. Readers will be able to shop directly from ads, for example, by taking a picture of a given page and sending it to an e-mail address. Up to three messages will then be returned to the sender, including a link to buy, a special offer and a video of that brand’s latest collection.”

Imagine the complicated process these editors want the shopper to go through just to be able to obtain a single piece of information – how to buy an item they like, all this in the times when fashion retail industry is begging for shoppers.

Besides the obvious question on how a respected publication such as WWD didn’t questioned this odd statement, I ask myself how these two pieces of news (DROID and W) can be released one day apart, from the same place in the world (NYC) in the era when information is free and instantly available.

I’m curious to hear your opinions on whether you think  these old school traditional fashion publications simply resist technological revolution, try hard and fail or perhaps they don’t care at all?