If you read my fashion blog you must know how much I love “The Fashion Show” (although it can’t be compared to “Project Runway”). I obviously read the post-show commentary, especially this by the known fashion industry figure Fern Mallis. I’m a big fan of Fern (she created the NY fashion week after all!), although some times feel like she isn’t necessarily a lover for all thing innovative. Or maybe it’s just Twitter?

In her latest post-show commentary Fern was asked to give an advice for the eliminated designer to move forward with his/her career. After advising to spend time honing their skills, style, and point of view, Fern said something that stroke me: “Twittering will not bring orders or credibility for a designer.”

I would like to argue this statement by offering some examples from my Twittershere. Why I don’t have a proof of Twitter as successful credibility builder (although a number of followers can definitely demonstrate that for a designer), I do believe Twitter could be successful tool for driving online sales, when managed right.

Last month I spoke at the 140 Characters Conference on Fashion brands and Twitter with Macala Wright, who does marketing for 1928 Jewelry. In her talk Macala revealed that thanks to Twitter the jewelry line got placements on HBO’s “True Blood” and other shows. Another example is my favorite everyday handbag which I purchased from the Brooklyn based Hayden Harnett via their special Twitter promotion. I follow a large number of designers on Twitter (both emerging and established ones) who constantly keep in touch with their fans, send updates about their new collections and yes, sometimes promote their own sales. As their loyal follower I appreciate receiving special promotion news and support their brands by buying their products. Why? Because we have a special personal connection, thanks to Twitter. Not to mention companies like DELL who managed to generate $3 Million in sales from their Twitter account alone! Maybe this could be an inspiration for fashion brands?

I would love to get more examples from my followers who successfully drove sales/orders for their fashion lines via Twitter. Please comment below!