I wanted to pen a smart post this weekend, on the upcoming NY Fashion Week, social media and all the frenzy. But it didn’t come to me in a form of a cohesive post, so I decided to let it cook for a bit longer. Meanwhile I tweeted about my #writersblock (because when you have one, the only thing that’s left is tweet), and magically Twitterverse responded with an answer I’ve been looking for. “WRITE WHAT YOU SAW FIRST HAND AND LIVED THROUGH IT…” wrote me @stevemarino and it couldn’t be more appropriate answer to the dilemma of NYFW coverage I’ve been thinking about lately.

In my 6th season at the tents, chasing for the latest fashion scoop, I can’t help but wonder what’s the purpose. With a risk of sounding like a grandma, I will tell you that when I started covering NYFW, I was many times one of the first online to post reviews of the shows from my laptop sitting at the Bryant Park, sometimes 30 min after the models left the runway.

Today this type of coverage will disappear in the sea of blog posts, some written based on the live streamed video of the shows. And I promise they will have a better view sitting in front of their computers and zooming on all the details. And if not – there will be high res photos from the show posted shortly after. Based on these materials anyone can write a story, or review, just like they were at the show.

So what’s the point of running around this city in 4 inch heels, dealing with the attitude of PR and security at the tents, standing in lines sometimes to be turned away because the show was overbooked, all this only to get a glimpse of the 5 minutes runway action from behind people’s backs?

Then the clothes we see are not even relevant yet, because no one will be able to wear them until next October. It feels forever. So what’s the point? To mentally prepare people to asymmetric dresses coming up this fall to their local mall?

The only thing that’s left is to “WRITE WHAT YOU SAW FIRST HAND AND LIVED THROUGH IT”, even if you saw it from behind other people’s backs, I would add…

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the rush of fashion week, the excitement of the dimming lights right before the runway begins, the surprise element of each collection, the game of spotting the next “It” girl on the runway, the hair spray madness backstage, the tired and happy faces of designers right after the show is over and the chic conversations at the VIP lounges – fashion week is more than just clothes, and let’s be honest, many times what happens around the clothes has more potential for a good story.

This season I will be capturing the experience itself, rather than just the fabrics and the silhouettes. Partially because you don’t need me to explain what you see in the photos, and partially because I’m simply tired of words like “feminine shapes”, “edgy looks”, “flowing fabrics”, “intriquette details”, “designed for a confident woman”. Does anyone design for non-confident women these days, really? I’m refusing to deliver the “proper” show review, and will be focusing on blogging my own experience the way I live it. Why? Because I have the freedom to do so. Without editors and publishers dictating the rules – that’s what blogging is all about.

What will you be blogging about this fashion week season?

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