The more I think about these challenging times, the clearer it becomes to me that a single most important skill we need to have when running a stratup company is the ability to make powerful decisions. Should I attend this event that might lead to finding a business partnership? Should you ask for LinkedIn intro that might lead to a big sale? Should I make one change in the product that might multiply our user base? Decisions following these questions might make or break the business.

In Kundalini yoga they say every decision has a similar process: it goes through the negative mind where we think about worst possible scenario, then the positive mind weights in with all the pros and finally the neutral mind makes the choice. When all three minds are balanced out, our decision making power is in its best. This is often also called intuition.

At every single moment of running a business (and life in general) we face million possibilities. Some of them we are aware of, and some not. Think about it as being at every single moment just one decision away from closing 1M dollar sale, attracting 1M visitors to our site, or being endorsed by Oprah.

How do we know to pick this decision out of millions of other possibilities chasing our mind? The best way is training and calming our mind, so we can be aware of those powerful possibilities and they won’t get lost in the constant noise our brain is creating. Kundalini yoga focuses on just that, although I’m sure there are other ways that might work.

For me, understanding this process of mind tuning was a very important step. Once we realize that all the possibilities are ‘laid out’ and we just need to be able to tune in and pick the right one, or become aware of the right one, we are getting closer to it.

At any moment we are just one powerful decision away from the next greatest thing that could happen to us.