After a few years and hundreds of written posts, I often ask myself what’s the purpose of my blogging? Is there someone out there that cares about my opinions, commentary? Is it really affecting my readers? Do I blog mainly to express my opinions and it’s enough of a purpose? Would I be still blogging if these opinions weren’t read by a certain amount of people?

When I think about other blogs I frequently read and their purpose, I could divide them into three main groups:

1. Life and advice – people blog their own life and their point of view on different aspects of it, while helping others in the process.

2. News and commentary – re-blogging news and adding personal commentary, while entertaining and providing insights.

3. Opinions – people who constantly challenge our ways of thinking, writing, networking, interacting, marketing, promoting and living. Almost every single post on their blogs provokes controversy, re-blogged, re-twittered, dugg, stumbled and widely discussed via comments and on other blogs.

Many of us do cross between these three categories, but the majority of bloggers seems to be in the middle, providing a commentary, even though this commentary might fit into the 3rd category from time to time. This last path is certainly not right for everyone, requires thick skin and confidence, but is often the only way to get heard by the larger audience. Many times when opinions are expressed and actions criticized, the conversation leads to personal attacks and feelings get hurt. The line is often too thin, easy to cross in a heated debate, and especially in uncensored world of blogging. Sometimes these types of posts do lead to changes in audience’s perceptions and understandings, but sometimes they don’t reach their purpose and just leave unpleasant memories.

Unfortunately in our virtual reality these memories stay with us forever, because unlike childhood traumas that can be cured by time or therapy and forgotten, unpleasant online memories will always be there, just one Google search away.

It’s up to you to decide which path you are taking as a blogger and how often you decide to challenge your audience opinions, what does matter is differentiating between people themselves and their opinions, and always respecting both.

What’s the purpose of blogging for you? Which category you belong to? Do you think about other people that might be hurt by your words? How much do you censor your opinions?

Please comment…