Today was the first meeting of the NY Tech meetup community committee, created by the newly elected meetup organizer Nate Westheimer. I’m honored to represent both the Fashion and Women’s groups on this committee and am pretty excited about what we have planned to accomplish, which is stronger and better connected Tech community in NYC.

Tech community has a tendency to be detached from the the rest of the industries – we are people who live mostly in our own world, developed by people like us, run on applications created for people who build applications. Once in a while we go outside our world, meet other non-techie people and feel like aliens who lost their spaceship.

I think leaving the “spaceship” and integrating technology within other, less developed industries is a major challenge and creating a bridge is the key. Fashion 2.0 meetup has been building this bridge for the last few months by creating educational panels on everything from SEO techniques to online PR, and recruiting more traditional fashion industry people to join the group.

Now, by deepening our connection with the main NY Tech meetup, there is an opportunity to broaden our work outside the monthly meetings, and become true “agents” (vs. “aliens”) who promote tech within our industry.