New York City is known for being one of the world major fashion industry centers – with its famous garment district, New York fashion week and the trade shows – it definitely dictates the industry trends. Slowly, it’s becoming much more – the Fashion 2.0 capital of the world.

When I first started attending NY tech scene events more than a year ago, I was mostly the only “fashion” person in the room. It felt “lonely” for a while, until few online conversations lead me to start the Fashion 2.0 meetup, and take the chance to see who else is out there, feeling the same way, doing similar things in the online space. The group, whose members are named “fashion revolutioners”, consists today of more than 200 entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, digital media and PR strategists, online movers and shakers. Now, only few months after starting the meetup, I feel blessed to be at this place, at this time among the force that leads the change in the fashion industry.

Imagine the power of collaboration within this community – if all our businesses combine the efforts, we could probably build the next online fashion empire! Take David Reinke and his fashion gaming platform, Mike and Jean Pratt and their gifts finding tool, Trish Ginter & Mo Puia and their e-commerce site for indie designers , leading fashion publishers like Lesley Scott at, Pamela Pekerman at, Michelle Madhok at, ourselves at – the first user generated fashion magazine, and many other innovative thinkers who are part of the NYC Fashion 2.0 community – we all could make one fierce empire!

Dreams aside – what unifies all of us into a real community, and not just a group of competitive entrepreneurs in the same space, is that we all are working towards the change in this industry. We bring the 2.0 into the fashion world, by giving the masses online tools and access.

We democratize fashion.